Stump grinding turns unsightly stumps into wood chips and our chipping services will turn your brush piles into mulch.  The key to stump grinding is to avoid disruption to the rest of your yard, and we treat your property as if it's our own.  All stumps are not created equal, and our years of experience have prepared us to know the right techniques to remove even the most difficult stumps so that you have a planting surface that's suitable for future growth. 



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Supplemental supports intended to reduce the risk of failure of weak branches over your structures. Cabling is the use of cables to support weak areas or dangerous limbs. Bracing is the use of steel supports to provide rigid support. Materials and techniques must comply with published industry standards (American National Standards Institute A-300 Standards).



Crown thinning reduces tree density through selectively removing live branches. Crown raising will improve your view and help with clearance issues by remove the lower branches on your tree. Crown reduction is a useful pruning method when applied judiciously. We will not reduce the entire crown, unless it's entirely necessary, since it can be damaging to your tree.



Whether you need to prepare your homesite for construction, or clean up parking lots and large areas, we have the tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively. 



Don't take chances.  We are fully insured and licensed to trim or remove your trees at either your home or business. If you have any ash trees, give us a call.  We are ready to handle any issues with the emerald ash borer that is wreaking havoc on ash trees in Tippecanoe county. 

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Tree removal 


Maintain the health of your trees by proper pruning and removing dead and decaying branches. By following proper pruning techniques, we can help you prevent premature tree removal and extend the life of your tree.  We only use bucket trucks or ropes when pruning. We never use spikes, as this can damage the tree.  If you don't follow proper pruning techniques, your tree is at risk for structural and health issues.